There is no OTHer B&B in the world like

the red HILL BOAT

MV ACTION 02-14 was  an RAAF Search & Rescue boat in active service in WW2, then a courtesy boat for Queen Elizabeth II, and then the discoverer of shipwrecks off the Tasmanian coast.

ACTION’s story is one of drama, victory, royalty and adventure …

… and she is now the Red Hill Boat: a unique, luxurious B&B on dry land at the heart of the wine and fine-dining district of the Mornington Peninsula.

The Red Hill Boat is a B&B experience like no other. Fascinating, exciting, luxurious, relaxing. Fit for a Queen, ACTION now rests amongst the abundant birdlife and occasional koalas in the heart of the Peninsula, walking distance to wineries, brewery, bars and restaurants.

The Red Hill Boat features a number of character-filled small rooms – galley, bathroom, saloon, bedroom, wheelhouse and ‘The Queen’s Deck’, with restored original fittings and layout mixed with modern amenities including wi-fi, smart TV, quality bluetooth sound system, Queen-size bed (of course), kitchenette facilities, heating and air-conditioning, relaxing sunken shower, plus an outside bath, barbecue area and outdoor fire furnace.

Steeped in history,  MV ACTION now rests in its own private grounds in Red Hill South. No rocking or waves, no bombs or enemy planes, ACTION is now the Red Hill Boat … a unique B&B in which to relive some history in the lap of luxury.

But the Red Hill Boat is, well … a boat. Although surprisingly spacious, it has small doorways, low ceilings, steps up and down into different areas and narrow walkways, making it unsuitable for the very old, the very young, the very large or the very infirm.

The Red Hill Boat is exciting. The shower is sunken into the floor of the old engine room, the wheelhouse boasts a working VHF radio and PA system, while the Captain’s Console variously starts the engines with throttle control, or provides gentle sound effects to sleep by. The sumptuous saloon is perfect for a relaxing read or an engrossing cinema-like TV experience, or tune into your choice of 1940’s radio broadcasts as you catch up on the latest war news or wartime fashions.

There is no other B&B in the world like the Red Hill Boat.